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Why UP?

Our children deserve the best pediatric emergency care close to home and that is why we wanted to revolutionize pediatric emergency care.

UP is the first specialized pediatric emergency centre outside of a hospital and close to home. With a specialized team and an innovative vision, we aim to deliver effective support to our health care system’s frontlines by increasing access to quality emergency services for children and teenagers.

UP : the pediatric unit reinventing your relationship with emergencies

Our hospitals’ emergency departments are congested and there is limited access to pediatric emergency services close to home. Parents don’t know where to turn to and this situation must change.

Health care professionals with pediatric expertise united to reflect and that’s when UP centre for pediatric emergencies was born.

Here are our goals:

  • Offer a solution for children and teenagers who require urgent medical care
  • Deliver swift, quality pediatric emergency and ambulatory care
  • Be mentors and inspire positive change in the medical community
  • Innovate by promoting the use of new technologies
  • Decongest our cities busy hospitals

Thank you to our partners :

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