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Frequently Asked Questions

  • In line with our mission to improve access for pediatric emergencies, we accept children with injuries such as broken bones (i.e. fractures) or open wounds (i.e. lacerations) without appointments.

    We also reserve some capacity for children who are rushed in with an acute asthma attack or acute stridor.

    Nonetheless it may also happen that when you arrive, we are in such over-capacity that we need to reorient you to the hospital.

  • Not exactly.  If you have an emergency and believe an ambulance is needed, call 911 and go to hospital.

    However, if you have an emergency like a broken bone or trouble breathing (ex. asthma attack) or any other acute health concerns not requiring an ambulance, make an emergency appointment via our website.

  • Yes. Our goal is to provide rapid access to same-day emergency care close to home 365 days a year, and to minimize the experience of waiting in a busy, overcrowded emergency room. As such, we have designed our system to enable you to easily book same-day appointments, at no cost to patients, directly via our website.

  • Our aim is to offer access to same-day appointments 365 days a year. We will work hard to achieve this goal. However, it may not always be possible. In that event, our online system will offer you the next available appointment within 24-36 hours.

    Refresh browser regularly to (re)try to catch a newly available or cancelled appointment.

    In line with our mission to improve access for pediatric emergencies, we accept children with injuries such as broken bones (i.e. fractures) or open wounds (i.e. lacerations).  We reserve some capacity for children with an acute asthma attack or acute stridor.   However, it may also happen that when you arrive, we are in such overcapacity that we need to reorient you to the hospital.


  • Yes and no.

    To help UP deliver swift care equitably to all children, we use an innovative booking solution that allows us to balance our schedule and minimize your wait. Unfortunately, at the moment, it is indeed difficult to book more than one child in similar time slots.

    We ask that you book each child an appointment and come at the earliest appointent. We will do our very best to care for your entire family as efficiently as possible, albeit if clinic is very busy, there may be a wait and each child may need to be seen at the time of their actual appointement.

  • No telephone appointments are given over the phone. 

    All appointments (new or cancelled) available in real-time via our online system.

    Refresh browser regularly to (re)try to catch a newly available appointement.

    It is important for our operational flow to ensure the right appointment slot is booked in the correct category.

    If you are worried about your child, you can call 811 or seek hospital emergency care close to your home.

  • Yes, our team of pediatric nurses will be able to collect any specimens required by the treating doctor at UP in a child-friendly environment from your child.   Some results will be rapidly available, while some may be sent to our partner hospital and follow-up with our team coordinated.

    However, for tests requested by your doctor / nurse practicioner, you must refer to a testing centre near you (ex. via your CLSC).


  • Our team of UP’strs aims to ensure quality care is delivered.   As such, we have a system in place to ensure that the treatment received based on preliminary results indeed corresponds to the final results of any tests or imaging.

    Our nurses and doctors will communicate with you if ANY discrepancy requiring them to change your tretament plan.   At the moment, we communicate if discrepancy and will most often call to discuss next steps.

    Our team is currently piloting the sending of “negative” urine and throat culture results by email.    Negative here refers to the absence of bacteria in those cultures.

  • In line with the mission of emergency and specialised care, we welcome patients for (semi)urgent and specialised health problems.

    We take charge of sick or injured children for the duration of the episode of care (particularly for patients  without family doctors and/or when limited access to the approproate professional) but leave the long-term care to the family doctors and nurse practitioners (NPs) in your community.

  • Yes, of course.

    Our goal is to increase equitable access to all who require emergency pediatric care.

    Any service that is covered by RAMQ (or the federal health program for refugees) is covered and at no extra charge to you.

  • Due to limitations in the system, please call us at 450-693-0323 ext. 101 and we will help book you your emergency appointement the same day or the next day.

    For tourists,  service charges can be claimed from your private insurance company or provincial health plan; they will guide you through the necessary process.    We do not guarantee coverage.


  • Yes, we will reimburse consultation fees for any and all care insured by RAMQ (514-864-3411) within 3  months of your emergency visit.

    We will process the reimbursement upon receiving proof of a valid RAMQ card (picture of the card or letter by RAMQ) by e-mail at

  • Yes, our medical team will evaluate your child for any infectious or flu-like symptoms, even COVID-19.

    Our processes are designed to keep both you and our staff safe, no matter the infection!


  • The NIP is the last 6 (SIX) digits of youir child’s health insurance card (i.e. RAMQ card).  If your cellphone is in our system, you can also follow the instructions to customize the NIP.

  • Yes, of course. As a centre with pediatric emergency medicine expertise, we take pride in specializing in acute management of injuries and will ensure that you/your child is seen rapidly, undergoes the appropriate diagnostic tests (ex. X-ray), and when needed, receives optimal treatment, immobilization (ex. cast), and follow-up for nearly all pediatric fractures.

  • Yes, of course – provided you do not feel an ambulance is needed. As a pediatric emergency centre, we will be able to provide many of the same therapies available in a hospital-based emergency department and can observe you for several hours on site. Based on our assessment, we may initiate therapies to help you rapidly and then decide to transfer you to a hospital for continued care if required.

  • Yes, indeed. Not only do we have doctors with expertise in pediatric emergencies, we have pediatric emergency trained nurses with the skillset to deliver care in a calm, expert manner and who will aim to minimize the distress of any tests and/or needles needed to care for children and adolescent. When needed, we will provide intravenous antibiotics with close follow-up to ensure recovery and help avoid a hospital visit.

  • YES, free parking is available outside and inside all year round.

  • UP centre for pediatric emergencies care for all babies, children and teenagers between ages of 0 and 18 years of age.

  • If you have questions or concerns about the privacy of your personnal information, please contact:

    Cathy Perron
    UP centre d’urgences pédiatriques
    9090, boul. Leduc, suite 420
    Brossard (Québec), J4Y 0E2

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