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Pediatric Emergency

If your child has an emergency and does not require an ambulance, UP is where to go.


We know pediatric emergencies. At both our service centres, we treat most types of pediatric emergencies, amongst them injuries such as broken bones and concussions, as well as respiratory problems, pediatric infections, and more.

  • Injuries

    • Sports related injuries

    • Concussions

    • Lacerations

    • Broken bones / fractures (simple, displaced, angulated, etc.)

  • Respiratory Problems

    • Asthma

    • Bronchiolitis

    • Croup

    • Pneumonia

  • Infections

    • Gastroenteritis and dehydration

    • Skin and soft tissue infections (cellulitis, abscess)

    • Urinary tract infections

    • Fever and common infections (otitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, etc.)

  • Other

    • Allergic reactions

    • Migraines or headaches

    • Etc.

Integrated services on site

In order to best serve you, we offer a maximally integrated care journey on-site and close to home. That means we can provide you with a comprehensive service that includes access to:

and more.

The world is changing

You can call a taxi from your phone in under 5 seconds. You can even take your pulse on your phone and book medical appointments online.

But when it comes to providing emergency care for your children you still have to make the same 45-minute trip, put up with the same long wait times and face the same uncertainties as yesterday about where to go to be sure to see someone with expertise in pediatrics, or not; the same frustrations of pushing your child into an environment that may, or may not, have been designed with children in mind. Accepting this. Because “it’s still better than nothing”.

There’s all that, and then there’s us: UP centre for pediatric emergencies and specialized care.

To always know where to go when your little one has a fever or a stomach bug, or when your older child has a broken bone or a cut. To take the time to make sure that your child will be examined by a professional with expertise. A responsible professional, present during, but also afterwards. To take the time to be examined and not waste time waiting to be seen. To entrust your child to a dedicated pediatric team who shares their expertise with you. For a new era in pediatrics, closer to the needs of families, as well as the needs of the medical community.