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UP is a multidisciplinary team led by pediatric emergency physicians who aim to innovate and evolve the professions reach beyond the traditional walls of a hospital. Physicians, nurses and staff are committed to meeting the acute needs of children and to be accountable to follow-up for these problems.

The Founders

Alexander Sasha Dubrovsky<br />MD, MSc, FRCPC

Alexander Sasha Dubrovsky

Pediatric emergency physician and co-founder

I aspire to improve pediatric healthcare and empower kids and their families to use their strengths to heal and improve their quality of life.

Alexander Sasha Dubrovsky enjoys many facets of his profession: he is a doctor, a researcher, a teacher, and above all, he is a father of three boys. Sasha is a medical graduate from McGill University, an institution he continues to work with, helping to educate hundreds of students. After a wealth of clinical experiences, research and publications, his drive to champion patient safety and quality care has only increased. When one of his boys was hospitalized for a chronic illness, Sasha saw an opportunity to learn and grow from his experiences of being on both sides of the system. Recognized and appreciated by his peers, Sasha has always attached great importance to inspiring future generations to strive for continuous improvement and innovation. And what better way than to lead by example.

Steve Omer<br />MBA, BCL, LLB

Steve Omer

Chief financial officer and co-founder

Transforming a worthy cause into a viable organization.

Steve Omer is a man of vision and has a range of accomplishments under his belt. He holds a degree in Management from McGill University and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with BCL / LLB from the same prestigious institution. Over the past 15 years, Steve has been successful in serving as president of a clothing import and distribution company. Developing a company, guiding it towards growth and profitability are part of his expertise. When his long-time friend, Dr. Sasha Dubrovsky, proposed that he join him in redefining pediatric emergency care in Quebec, Steve did not hesitate.  He chose to put his vision and especially his heart, at the service of kids and their parents, to reinvent the way pediatric emergency care is offered to the community.

Mher Barbarian<br />MD, FRCPC

Mher Barbarian

Pediatric emergency physician and co-founder

Because our children deserve the best pediatric emergency care close to home.

Mher Barbarian graduated with honors from McGill University’s faculty of medicine, where he is now a faculty lecturer. He is an excellent teacher, a remarkable speaker and a person of heart, who pays particular attention to the notions of teamwork, collaboration and who always prioritized improving the patient experience. Mher has evolved as a clinician in both the community and hospital settings, where Dr. Sasha Dubrovsky became his mentor and friend and they noticed the same flaws and opportunities in the system. It was by joining forces that their desire to reinvent the relationship of patients with pediatric emergencies was born.

UP'str Staff

  1. Cathy Perron (Operations Manager)
  2. Marika Charbonneau Juteau
  3. Ariane Auclair
  4. Derek Baril
  5. Stella Bean
  6. Antoine Bourassa
  7. Lisa Coroa Tavares
  8. Cristel Lajoie-Veillette
  9. Beatrice Ouellette
  10. Laurie Patola
  11. Annick Pohoney
  12. Savannah Powell
  13. Patricia Rousseau
  14. Léa Routard
  15. Marie St-Onge
  16. Celine St-Pierre
  17. Julie Ton

UP'str Nurses

  1. Sandra Bancerz
  2. Marie-Eve Breton
  3. Alicia Camacho
  4. Daniel Girard Rodriguez
  5. Marie-Eve Grignon Barrette
  6. Dominique Hebert
  7. Tamara Lebel
  8. Camille Maheux
  9. Kristina Marcone
  10. Andreanne Moffett
  11. Veronique Ngu
  12. Léa Sébille
  13. Jessica Thibault

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

  1. Mher Barbarian
  2. Ariane Boutin
  3. Alexandre Deragon
  4. Sasha Dubrovsky
  5. Kristen Lambrinakos-Raymond
  6. Camille Legoux
  7. Shadi Tamur


  1. Samuel Freeman
  2. Tiffany Hecht
  3. Annie-Jade Lespérance
  4. Amélie-Ann Pellerin Leblanc
  5. Hina Raza
  6. Marie-Christine Roussy
  7. Bindu Suresh
  8. Theresa Zhou

Family Medicine

  1. Jessica Djeredjian
  2. Susan Finkelberg
  3. Sarah Power
  4. Siwen Sun
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