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Our extraordinary team of guardian angels are here to deliver the care your children deserve

We understand how stressful it is to decide to have your child seen by a doctor outside your home during this Pandemic.

That is why UP and Radiologie DIX30 have put in place every possible measure to protect you from COVID-19 while ensuring your child gets the care needed.

UP and Radiologie DIX30 have created different ZONES  in order to be able to care for the wide range of emergencies that may occur – we have a separate waiting room and dedicated exam rooms for kids with injuries, as well as demarcated zones to separate kids with fevers from one another.  We have appropriate supply of personal protective equipement and have an integrated service offering with the hospitals if/when needed.   BOTTOM LINE … we aim to deliver the care your kids deserve while keeping you safe from COVID-19 and de-dramatizing the experience of care.

UP remains open and SAFE with 2-in-1 emergency centre - dedicated Rainbow zone for kids with fever and Heart zone for those with injuries. Click here for more info